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Al Brewer responds to Democratic Primary Forum

Updated: May 20, 2021

Text Transcript of Video:

I love Flemington and have lived here for 30 years. I believe taxpayers and residents deserve a choice, opposed to having one party taking control of our Council.

A "balanced" Council is in the best interest of Flemington. The "go along to get along" practices of Council will not change unless, we elect the right people.

Time and Time again, our current democratic controlled Council have proven that they are incapable when it comes to controlling spending, raising taxes and increasing water and sewer bills.

Before Betsy Driver, the budget increased 10.1 % (total) in 9 years, or about 1% per year (2009-2018).

Her 2021 budget (her third), is up 15.8% from when she took office in 2019.

Before Betsy Driver, debt increased 8.9% (total) in 9 years. In her two years (using end-of year numbers) debt has increased 56.7%.

This 11.2 million dollar debt includes $3.5 million of money Council has bonded (voted) but have not yet borrowed, so they have not started paying it back. Once they do, the debt service part of the budget will jump significantly. COUNCIL NEEDS TO BE TRUTHFUL.

Finally, please "write-in" Alan Brewer as your Republican Candidate on June 8th.

Together, we can ensure all voters are equally represented on Council.

Please visit for more information and updates

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