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We Are At a Crossroads And The Choice Is Yours

Good evening, with 20 days until Election Day and with vote by mail already in progress we’d like to share with you this piece regarding the importance of voting this year by the Hunterdon County Republican Chairman. ~ Al & BettyJane
Friends, Events in our country, state, and county have me thinking about the late, great Dr. Charles Krauthammer. In 2009, Dr. Krauthammer famously declared that decline in the United States is not an inevitable condition, but rather "decline is a choice." Watching a disastrous and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan unfold, reading about Democrats' reckless, inflation-inducing spending plan, and listening to the divisiveness of the national rhetoric, it's unfortunately easy to come to the realization that as a country overall, we are choosing decline. The same can be said about our state. Unconstitutional borrowing, radical social agendas being pushed in our schools, draconian policies that have created one of the most unfriendly business climates in the world, and an unfair, politically punitive school aid funding formula that has driven property taxes up across the state. Let's also not forget about the rhetoric. Following his decisions that lead to the deaths of thousands in nursing homes during the pandemic, Phil Murphy relishes the opportunity to deem anyone who criticizes him a "knucklehead." Earlier this year, the Democratic Chairwoman in Hunterdon County wrote, "I am embarrassed and disappointed in my neighbors. Because make no mistake, these domestic terrorists are living next door to us, they are walking around in plain sight as doctors, CEO’s, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.” This came just months after the Democratic Mayor of Flemington publicly stated, "If you voted for the orange monster with COVID, go f*** yourself." And who can forget the recent, outrageously offensive statement from Democrat candidates for County Commissioner equating the American political right to the terrorists who killed thousands of people on 9/11? In their own words: "No American was unaffected by the atrocity of 9/11....Let's never forget what far-right extremists are capable of." No apologies made, no tangible policy solutions proposed. Ad hominem attacks are the hallmark of their campaigns, the rotting support beams holding up an empty platform, ready to collapse under the slightest pressure. They'd rather call you a "terrorist" and tell you to go "f*** yourself" than talk about real solutions. It simply isn't possible for Democrats to successfully defend their own policies or to truthfully attack ours In the spirit of unity, I will say this: can you really blame them? In Hunterdon County, how can they possibly argue against Republican policies that have resulted in zero bonded debt, a frozen tax rate for the third year in a row, being named the healthiest county in the state, and declared the safest county in the country to raise a child? At the state level, how could Democrats even begin to defend a spending plan that is leading this state to bankruptcy, a social agenda pushed on our children that remakes history and tears down the ideal of American exceptionalism, drastic cuts to school aid seemingly based on nothing else but an area's political affiliation, or a pandemic response that until recently led to the highest death rate per capita in a state? You see, their only course is to attack us, because looking in the mirror isn't an option. It simply isn't possible for Democrats to successfully defend their own policies or to truthfully attack ours. The insidiousness of decline has advanced in our state and is trying to gain a foothold in our county. We must rally together now to fight it. On November 2nd, I implore you- don't choose Phil Murphy. Don't choose his 'yes men' in the state legislature. Don't choose his radical foot soldiers running in our county and local races. Don't choose decline. Vote Jack Ciattarelli for Governor, Mike Doherty, Mike Pappas, and Susan Gaul for State Senate, Erik Peterson, John DiMaio, Vinny Panico, Joe Lukac, and Pat Johnson for General Assembly, Mary Melfi for Hunterdon County Clerk, Sue Soloway and Matt Holt for Hunterdon County Commissioner, and all of our Republican candidates for municipal office. Do that and together we can choose to rise in this great state again. Regards, Chairman Gabe Plumer
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